About us:

BSTRDS org was founded 2016 July, but many of us have played this game since before smartphones were released.

We are a mixed group of players that are mostly from Europe and US. We are mainly a PVM org, but we have a few members that do PVP too.

Our members range from all ages and genders. We even got some oldtimers hanging on Discord. 

About you:

What we are looking for is players that are friendly, self-reliant and dont take themselves too seriously. We mainly do endgame content, but we have players in all ranges doing what they enjoy. Most important is your willingness to put in the time and effort to reach your goals, learn from others and pass on your knowledge to help members.

We are part of Alliance so there are raids everyday except mondays. Other than that we raid several times a week within org and with some friends.


It’s quite simple. Don’t be greedy or a douche, and don’t cheat or exploit. Drama is not welcome ofc and don’t bring a bad attitude.

Org Benefits:

Large ql 300 city

Org bot / Raidbot

And funny chat and Discord (Lots of active ppl on discord).

How to join:

You can use our forum or contact us ingame for application. That’s the fastest way to get into our little org. 

If you have any questions you can always try contact (Ultri, Redcurry, Ultras / Drholymoly, Treeking / Batavii, Bigbuddypal / Rampoloog, Nemmonade  / Fishcustard).

But the best way is to post an application on our forums and we get back to you asap.

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