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Weak Erection Or Bad Erection?
Weak Erection Or Bad Erection?
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homepage - Most often in such cases, erectile dysfunction occurs. Even completely healthy men can face erection problems for a variety of reasons. Here you can learn how to quickly solve problems with potency and health of a man. Often it is also called impotence, but from the point of view of medicine, these are slightly different problems. First, from the maximum testosterone level, which was at the end of puberty, that is, at its peak. What determines the age at which a man starts having problems?





And secondly, on the rate at which its level falls. The main way to maintain male strength as long as possible is to remove the influence of all negative factors. Half of patients with potentially reversible testosterone deficiency manage to normalize its level and restore sexual function only by losing weight, increasing physical activity and giving up bad habits. He will examine the genitals, ask questions of interest regarding the nature and frequency of erection, and also prescribe the necessary examinations: duplex ultrasound and computed tomography of the penis, rheography, etc.





For diagnosis, you must consult a doctor - sex therapist. Treatment of impotence in men is carried out in a comprehensive manner and must take into account the cause. Risk factors can be chronic pathologies, trauma, negative psycho-emotional state, metabolic syndrome, smoking and alcohol abuse. Often, sexual health problems are accompanied by a man's loss of interest in intimate contacts and a lack of libido. Pathology implies chronic difficulties with the implementation of sexual intercourse.





Doctors talk about the disease if the condition lasts more than 3 months. ; What are the symptoms? He may develop depression, deteriorate mood. The main symptom of impotence in men is the complete absence of an erection. The severity of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can range from minor manifestations to serious disorders. Other signs include premature ejaculation, prolonged ejaculation, and a weakened erection. Types of Erectile Dysfunction Depending on the cause of the occurrence, the following types of impotence are distinguished: • Endocrine.





• Anatomically conditioned. Typical signs: • reduction or disappearance of spontaneous erections; • decreased ability to repeat sexual intercourse during the day; • reduction in the number of full-fledged sexual intercourse with ejaculation; • inability to induce an erection during masturbation; • the need for additional erotic stimulation; • insufficient intensity of erection. It develops against the background of diseases of the nervous system, for example, neuropathy or sclerosis.





Associated with a lack of testosterone hormone. Due to problems in the genital area, a man becomes irritable and nervous. Among the vascular problems, erectile dysfunction and impotence can be caused by: • atherosclerosis; • trauma to the abdomen and pelvis, damaging the vessels that feed the penis; ; • diabetes mellitus; • hypertension. It is explained by problems with blood vessels, which lead to a violation of the blood supply to the penis and the inability to achieve an erection.





It occurs due to the curvature of the penis, its partial or complete removal, pain due to a hernia in the scrotum.



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